An Objective Review of Canine Home Remedies

Sometimes, a good veterinarian has to think outside the box. No matter how well trained a person is, there is no doubt that they will encounter a situation that they are not trained to handle. In these instances, it can be helpful to study some of the various home remedies that dog owners commonly use. Our purpose is neither to approve or condemn but to evaluate these methods objectively.

For an animal hospital fallston md has a variety of choices. You want the people in your area to think of you as the first person they will call when things go wrong. When you can save your clients money by giving them cheaper, simpler alternatives, they tend to appreciate and remember that. It is also important to understand that if people cannot afford your services, they will probably try some type of home remedy anyway. Working with them on this process will ensure that they avoid potentially harmful ideas and that they will continue to value your services far into the future.

I have chosen to concentrate on canine medicine because dogs are by far the most common household pets. These methods may be useful in situations where the standard method is either impossible or undesirable. For instance, if an animal is found to be allergic to certain medications. Cost can also be a limiting factor if the owner doesn’t have much money.

Sulfur as a Treatment for Mange

Sulfur is a common component of medications that are used to treat both demodectic and sarcoptic mange. Studies have shown that a mixture of lime and sulfur is highly effective in treating various skin conditions in canines and most other mammals. Chances are, you have used this method in the past. However, if you encounter a situation where the pet owner is strapped for cash, this remedy might be helpful. A bottle of sulfur can be purchased at most pharmacies for 5-10 dollars, and a single treatment usually requires very little. The simplest way is to mix it with lotion or shampoo and apply it directly to the affected areas. This creates an environment that is toxic to the mites that cause mange. One of the advantages of this method is that the dog will be discouraged from biting and chewing at the affected spots, which will speed the healing process.

Diatomaceous Earth as a Remedy for Fleas

It is commonly believed that you can inhibit fleas by spreading diatomaceous earth on the areas that the dog frequents. Diatomaceous earth is one of those substances that is said to be useful for nearly everything. However, the practice of using diatomaceous earth to control fleas does not seem to be supported by science to any degree. As such, it would probably be best to avoid this home remedy. Studies show that although the diatomaceous earth can kill flea eggs, it was not able to remove the infestation altogether. Diatomaceous earth can also irritate the lungs of many mammals including dogs and humans. The effectiveness of this remedy is questionable, and it carries at least some possibility of negative side effects.


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