Can CBD oil be given for cats

We all know about the calming effects of CBD oil, and how it can be used to treat problems such as depression, anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain, inflammation and more. So it is only natural for us to think of giving CBD oil for our pet cats as well. Yes, pets and humans can reap a lot of benefits from CBD. However, you should never give CBD to your pet unless you have been specifically advised to do so by your veterinarian.

In this article, we have explained about some essential points that you should know before giving CBD oil to your pet cats to ensure their safety and comfort.

Ambiguity about the dosage

Many pet experts and veterinarians do feel that CBD oil is safe for cats because it can cure their anxiety levels by a large extent. However, they are not very sure about recommending them for regular usage to pets because there are no government regulations currently about the dosage that needs to be given to humans and pets for safe consumption.

Yes, CBD is safe to be given for pet cats, provided they are used in the right dosage. What is the right dosage, though? Nobody can say as of now. It is all about trial & error, eventually. If you want to give CBD to your pet cats, you can start giving a minimal quantity in the initial stages to see how your pet is reacting before you increase the dosage gradually.

However, you can start with 0.5mg of CBD as the starting dosage to see if your cat reacts well to it or not. You can increase it slowly to 3 or 5mg per day based on your cat’s weight. However, always consult with your veterinarian before you decide the dosage of CBD for your pet cat, to eliminate any problem later on.

Benefits of CBD oil for cats

CBD oil, extracted from the Cannabis Sativa Plant, contains less than 0.3% of the euphoric and psychoactive element of THC in it. Hence, it is legalized in most of the countries, as studies have proved the medicinal properties of CBD. We all know that CBD oil enhances the overall functioning of our endocannabinoid system (ECS). Similarly, CBD brings a lot of benefits to pet cats as well. Here are some health benefits that your pets cats can enjoy when they are administered CBD regularly:

Visible reduction in pain – If your cats are experiencing a lot of pain in their joints or if they are suffering from chronic pain anywhere, they will definitely get immense relief when administered CBD in small quantities daily.

Reduction in panic, anxiety or depression – Do your cats behave strangely in public? Do they get scared or aggressive very quickly? Are they not comfortable when they are travelling? All these are indications that the cats are suffering from anxiety-related problems. Your cat‘s veterinarian will recommend you to administer CBD-infused medicines to your pet. The relaxing properties of CBD will help to improve the moods of your cat and make it less aggressive, improve its sleeping patterns, improve its social behaviour and more.

Apart from these major health benefits, CBD can also be used to treat seizures in cats with epilepsy and provide relief for their bowel-related ailments. However, there have been no studies conducted so far on the effects of CBD on cats. All of these benefits are based on the studies conducted on humans.

Side effects you should be aware of

Though there are not many serious side effects of CBD for pet cats, they may experience slight drowsiness as a common side effect. However, don’t worry; if your cats appear to be dull after being administered CBD. They will be fine when you reduce the dosage.

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