Matt Davies Harmony Communities Explores Significant Things to Consider When Getting Dog Boarding Services


According to Matt Davies Harmony Communities, when you need to go on a vacation, attend to a close relative in a different city, or have a busy work schedule, you’ll have to leave your dog behind. However, you can’t just leave them at the first boarding center that pops up. Let’s check out significant things to consider when getting dog boarding services.

The Considerations

  1. Cleanliness and safety – Safety and cleanliness should be the first things to consider when looking for a dog boarding service. A clean space that is free from bacteria and doesn’t have any bad odors is essential to keep your dog free from illnesses. Inquire about the cleaning process and investigate the cleanliness of drinking water and food bowls at the facility. Check about bathing facilities and other cleanliness-related amenities as well.

When it comes to safety, always check the staff numbers at the facility. More people ensure more eyes on your pet. Make sure that the staff is trained and has background checks. Ask for relevant documentation to check those things. Look for quarantine rooms, alarms, CCTV cameras, and other security features as well.

  1. Accommodation – When the center has checked your cleanliness and safety requirements, it’s time to check the available space they have. Your dog has always been cozy in your home. While you shouldn’t expect the boarding facility to allow your dog on the bed, certain expectations need to be met to keep your dog comfortable.

It should have good lighting, temperature control, and proper ventilation. Without those basic things, your dog would feel like it’s caged. It’s even better if the facility has a fenced outdoor space for your dog to run around and get plenty of sunshine and fresh air while jumping on the grass.

  1. Medication and emergency care – Even if you keep your dog in the best condition and get it checked at the vet regularly, emergency medical conditions may pop up without warning. If they pop up when your dog is at the boarding facility, you want it to get immediate medical attention and care. Reputed dog boarding centers have their own emergency medical staff. Even better if you can spot a veterinary clinic near the boarding facility.
  1. Feeding – Apart from being an essential component of life, food keeps your dog content and happy. A content and happy dog also gets good sleep and tends to be healthier. Most dog boarding facilities with decent reviews provide quality food to their guests. However, if your dog has developed a certain palette or consumes specialized pet food for dealing with allergies and other health issues, you need to make sure that the dog boarding facility is up for the task.


Matt Davies Harmony Communities suggests that you consider the above-mentioned factors for choosing a dog boarding center. Your dog is your baby and needs all the high-quality care and attention it can get while you’re away. Moreover, the environment also needs to be safe and friendly.

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